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Through our vast experience and thorough understanding of today‘s challenges and available solutions, we help you navigate the increasing complexity in sports and jointly envision the future of your sport.

Why choose Partners for Sports?

Fundraising & Partner Acquisition
We support you to fundraise your project, give you access to adequate investors and help you to acquire new partnerships and cooperations.
We connect innovative startups with established sports organisations.
Credibility & Network
As entrepreneurs we have a large network within the world of tech and business and can rely on a long-standing experience in the sports industry.
Elad Hollander

We are hands on!

We deeply believe in partnerships. Skin in the game. Roll our sleeves and get our hands dirty. That's the only way partners work. Together in the trenches.

Elad Hollander

Co-Founder @ Partners for Sports

Our services

We've been around in the sports industry for decades and seen a lot. Out of this experience, here's what we can do to support you.

Partner acquisition
Develop new partnership models
Investor relations

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